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Using GAN to generate leaf images

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) was proposed in 2014 by Goodfellow et al. It can generate very realistic synthetic images, making the generated images and the real images almost indistinguishable in statistics. An intuitive understanding of generative adversarial network is that if a forger forges some cat pictures, at first the forger is not familiar with […]

Install Tensorflow GPU (CUDA 10.0) on Ubuntu 18.04

This article is mainly used to record my own installation process. It is not recommended to use in a production environment. For your convenience, please use those mature methods.   Please make sure that the 64-bit version of python is installed. TensorFlow does not support the 32-bit version.   1,Update and Upgrade your system: sudo […]

Install TensorFlow(CPU) and Keras with anaconda on macOS Mojave(10.14)

According to the official website recommended install tensorflow with Anaconda. 1, Install anaconda Anaconda official website   2, Create a virtual enviorment with anaconda Open TensorFlow official website,Find Create a virtual environment (recommended) ,choose the third section conda conda create -n venv pip python=3.6 # select python version (You can omit pip python=3.6 here. Anaconda has already support 3.7 version) […]



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