About CDN

Two years ago, I used Ali’s CDN service for a short time. After all, Ali’s advertising has never stopped. Because the implementation of the real-name system since last year, and Ali’s series of vices, I have moved all related services overseas. Since special situation of the domestic network, the response time more than 200ms.  It is natural to think of using the CDN service to optimize the speed of access, but there will be new problems. If you want to use the CN CDN, the website must have a record domestically, and the site can only use HTTP. Therefore, I start considering the foreign CDN service. For the same reason, foreign CDN do not have nodes in the main land, or they have to cooperates with a domestic service provider to provide nodes.

I recently chatted with a friend about the speed of access, so I consider to use free CDN, which is better than nothing, not to mention the security of the website itself. After the CDN is set, I test the response speed of each place is detected. The speed of foreign countries is obviously improved a lot. The basic response time will not exceed 5ms, and the slowest Sydney is only about 10ms. Unexpected domestically, although it is still very slow, the response is mostly around 150ms, but at least there are probably tens of ms improvement compared to before.