Establishing Guest Network Traffic Control with OpenWrt on Netgear R6300v2

This post is based on the NETGEAR router R6300 V2. It is not guaranteed to be feasible in other environments.

1, Flush OpenWrt firmware

Goto OpenWrt official website

Search Netgear R6300 v2ow1

Check support firmware


After downloading the firmware, log in to the router management page. Select “Advanced” – “Management” – “Firmware Upgrade”, upload the firmware and wait for about 5 minutes.

Note: The 5G drive of R6300 V2  is not open although Openwrt supports 802.11ac 5G network.

After the firmware is installed, log in to the router management page select Network-Interfaces.

Modify WAN parameters connection to the Internet.

Other wireless settings under the Network-Wifi option.



2, Configure the guest network and limit its bandwidth

Required package:



You can find them in luci.


Configure the guest network after installation


Create a new interface


log in to the router management page-Network-Interfaces-Add new interface

I renamed it ‘GUEST’

Change the protocol to a static address

Protocol-Static address

Filling subnet mask



Open DHCP service at the bottom of the page


Firewall settings choose lan



Configuring wireless for the guest network



Choose the appropriate frequency band Add

Network settings choose Guest



Limit guest network bandwidth

Network-SQM QoS

Select the corresponding guest network name under the interface name option


Attention here


Download speed actually is upload speed

Upload speed is download speed

Enabled after configuration


Finally, go to Network-Wifi to open the guest network.